re~ introducing the proper method of evangelism

 how to evangelize:​

 how to evangelize:

 how to evangelize:


 prepare to re~think ​​
 the way you are suppose  to share THE  GOSPEL

    a detailed tutorial​​, and a decent thorough study, on what it  
  takes to be a  serious  witness for THE LORD JESUS CHRIST

 ​it's all about
     your heart

  what you will never learn in a seminary

  wrong directions for those interested in  serious  witnessing :

BIBLE studies

BIBLE studies are great for the non~evangelist who is content learning The BIBLE at a snail's pace.
Serious witnessing requires truly knowing The BIBLE that comes from 3 main elements:
~knowing The Holy Spirit's Voice ~a passion to know The Word
~repetitive reciting 'in the field'.

church attendence

Attending church for your own edification and sanctification is fine, but has nothing to do with witnessing~  unless you are using the church properly for, specifically, bringing in lost souls who have never  heard  the message of hope,​​
or, new converts who desire to grow in their new faith, and be discipled.

good deeds

Witnessing for Jesus through good deeds is noble, but is second~best. It introduces The Lord through the backdoor; an indirect, boldless,
'oh, by~the~way..' approach that requires no personal risk, and will never see the pains of persecution. Witnesses, here, are 'not  hated'  as what Jesus said would be. 
 Jesus said,
          'whoever does not   take~up their cross  and follow Me
           is not worthy of Me.'  Matthew 10:38
​               'unless you deny yourself, take~up your cross,  and
            follow Me, you can have no part of Me'. Matthew 10:38

          'Taking~up one's cross'  does not simply mean 'talking about Jesus';
             [as what today's 'Laodicean church' would have you to believe].
              For a thorough understanding of what Jesus meant, and  expects  of  you,
                read of The Apostle Paul's sufferings. II Corinthians 11:16~33

the connection between    
and how it works :
Jesus said, 'Come follow after Me, and I will make
you fishers of men' 
Matthew 4:19.

Evangelism is all about 'spiritual warfare' :

Spiritual warfare is the true measure of how serious a witness you are.    
The warfare is caused by the forces of evil trying to inhibit lost souls from reaching  Jesus  through you.
To thoroughly grasp this, begin by imaging yourself with unshakable, unquestionable FAITH: you know The Lord, you know His Word, you know His Voice,  you know His Will, you  know His Commands, you know His Authority, and you  know  your  authority  as a  child~of~GOD.    
 With this, you have no difficulty understanding what Jesus  meant when HE said,
 'Most assuredly, I say to you, He who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and    
  greater works than these he will do;  because I go to My FATHER'. John  14:12

With this kind of FAITH, you should be:
 'casting out demons; speaking with new tongues; taking up serpents; [ and if they drink    
  anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them ]; laying hands on the sick, [ and they will    
  recover ]. Mark 16:17~18
 'raising the dead' [ be it The Lord's Will ]. Matthew 10:8

It is this kind of FAITH that, now, allows you to be BOLD.  
The reason is simple: it is because your FAITH allows you to truly understand, and believe: 
 'Do Not worry'. Matthew 6:25~34

 'i can do all things through CHRIST WHO strengthens me'. Phillipians 4:13

 'Greater is HE that is in me, than that which is in the world'. I John 4:4

So now, you want to act on your FAITH  +  BOLDNESS.   
You cannot help but to do so.
However, even with this kind of FAITH and BOLDNESS, there is, yet, one more key element necessary before witnessing leads to PERSECUTION; and that is LOVE.
It is a unique kind of LOVE, however; and only the serious witness of Jesus
a true evangelist , has the kind of love about to be described...
What separates the  evangelist  from every other born~again christian in The Body Of Christ is their  love for   the  lost.  
If you desire to be a serious witness for Jesus Christ, you must truly have the heart and compassion for the 'weak in~spirit', the 'down~trodden', the 'rebellious', the 'unbelievers', the 'spiritually~hurting', and 'the demon-possessed'.

You will know you possess this, and know that you can be a true evangelist for
The Lord, when your heart truly realizes the words in Jude 22~23, that read,
 'And on some have compassion, making a distinction; but  others  save  with  fear, pulling  the  lost  out  of  the  fire, hating even the garment defiled by  the flesh'. [ emphasis added ]

  When all 3 of these, FAITH  +  BOLDNESS  +  LOVE  are within you,...
                                                                                                                                                    then  you are a real threat to   the devil;  and guaranteed  PERSECUTION is heading your way.

 Plain and simple, present a christian who has never experienced actual, physical  PERSECUTION for sharing  The Gospel, and you will see one who is no serious witness for Jesus Christ.

Matthew 28:19-20New King James Version (NKJV)
19 Go therefore[a] and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.[b]


Jesus' Words:  'you will be hated,.. and persecuted for My Name's sake'Matthew 10:22~23
This is how you endure incarceration.  Expect it if you are   boldly  witnessing for The Lord .  Unless you have never experienced this, are not going to experience this, or are unwilling to experience this, you are not ever going to be able to identify, in a small part, what Jesus  experienced.
Good deeds are fine, but it is  suffering  persecution  specifically  when witnessing for  JESUS  that is at the heart of Jesus' Words: 'Well done, good and faithful servant'Matthew 25:21

about the author

Evangelism began for me, literally, the day i accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord And Saviour.    
That was going~on 19 years ago, when i was 34;  and it has been my primary passion ever since ['from sunrise to sunset'].  
In these years, i traveled throughout the United States witnessing non~stop.  My evangelism began in Chicago,  went west to the Rockies, southwest into Arizona, and then back across to Florida.  Most of this traveling occurred via  train, buses, and rides.  Once in Florida, however, it has been all walking.  Beginning in mid~Florida, my path took  me through Orlando to Daytona, down the entire eastern seashore to Miami; where i would spend 5 years trying to saturate my little niche in South Florida with The Gospel
​My journey background is only to convey this point:  it is through these years of continuous experience, that you  can be assured of what this website is trying to communicate to you.  If  you  want  to  be  a  serious  witness  for
The Lord, then it, literally, has  to  be  non~stop.  It has to be who  you  are.  Everywhere  you go, to  anybody  who  is around you.   You have to always  be ready.   You have to be prepared, at  all  times.  
That is the way The Holy Spirit works, and what is meant in, I Peter 3:15: 'But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect..'
It could be in an instant, that The Holy Spirit prompts you to say something specific to the person standing in~line  with you, to the repair~person at your door, to the company reprentative on the telephone with you.. whomever, whereever.  These are examples of being 'on the ground', and 'in the field'; moving constantly, from person~to~person.  Witnessing is not  "planned".  Witnessing is not "scheduled";  it does not work that way.
If however, suppose, you are a church group that decides:  'on tuesday night you will go downtown to witness to the homeless'; or, suppose, you are an independent christian who tries witnessing by a scheduled, routine door~to~door method..  In these isolated endeavors, The Lord will use your efforts for His Glory, but, as for these forms of evangelism, this is just 'timeclock witnessing';  much like the christian who 'clocks~in' at church on Sunday, but the rest of the week, The Lord is nowhere 'on their radar'.  The Holy Spirit simply does not work this way when  it comes to salvation.  The Holy Spirit is simply not a "give- the enemy- advanced-notice  operator".  Again, its all  about 'spitual warfare'.  The Holy Spirit  does not announce His intentions in-advance just so  the devil  can have time  to plot and thwart; building resistances within peoples' psyches against listening to The Gospel ahead of time.  That
would be absurd.   And, in~fact, it only proves, all~the~more, the falsehood of christian-cults; because that method is
how the false-christianities operate-- like Mormonism and Jehovah's 'false-witnesses'.
This is precisely, again, why Scripture says, I Peter 3:15:  ' Always  be  prepared  to give an answer to everyone who
asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have'.  It is to be as spontaneous,  as unannounced, as unplanned as
possible.  The reason is simple:  the devil does not know the future.  It has no idea  who The Lord has in His mind at
any particular moment, or from what angle The Lord will get someone's attention;  therefore, "pre-planned 
evangelism" is the worst method you could do; it only gives your prospective lost souls even greater disadvantages. Therefore, since it is to be as spontaneous, as unannounced, as unplanned as possible, then it only goes to show you
how much more prepared you need to be.


about preparation

I Peter 3:15:   Always  be  prepared   to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have'.  It is so important for anyone, who desires to do quality evangelsim, to truly understand these Words in I Peter 3:15.  The following is to share with you a degree of preparation that makes all the difference..
Many years ago, i got to a point in my evangelism that i wanted to make something unto The Lord; to dedicate something unto The Lord to Honor Him. My idea was to produce 'a witnessing packet'; designed~in~mind for the evangelist servant of The Lord. The idea would be, that, with this 'packet', a christian who felt Called to be an evangelist would be fully equipped with all their Biblical needs~ all in one neatly~arranged carrying 'packet'.
It turned~out beautiful.
There were, essentially,
7 Main elements that comprised the 'packet'.
So, now, imagine a large pizza box; that is,.. a large modified pizza box. When the lid is lifted, inside there would be cardboard inserts, glued in place, that would form the shapes of the
7 Main elements, 'neaty~arranged'; as little cavity~holders for each element. There were 3 on one side, and 4 on the other; such that when closing the 'packet', the 3 on one side folded~over, and laid flat on top of the 4 on the other side. Whenever a particular item would be needed, all one had to do was pop the item out; while all the remaining ones stayed snuggly in their places. Now, i say 'imagine a large pizza box' because that is exactly what i made my 'packet' casing out of.  Since my evangelism was all on foot, and i had very little money, i used what worked. Today, this, of course, would likely be considered "highly cumbersome" to tote around, no doubt, for a modern, tech~savvy evangelist; but, at the time, i had no computer
[i think the highest~tech item i owned, then, was my flashlight]. But, even with the use, and advantages, that computers offer us,   there is  Nothing  that can compete  with the benefits of 'good old fashioned homework'~  even if that means being a little encumbered.

And this is what i would like to supplement this evangelism site with next.. what these
7 Main elements were, and the blood, sweat and tears that went into producing them. If you have any interest in being an evangelist servant of The Lord, if you believe that you have been Called to be an evangelist, if you desire to be a serious, no~nonsense evangelist for THE LORD, then, i tell you the truth, there is no way that you can be any of that unless you have the equivalent of the 'homework' that made~up my 'witnessing packet'.  Let's see how..
These were the
7 Main elements contained within my 'packet': There was a miniature New Testament; there were two reference tools that i designed and made; there were 4 booklets i had written; and there was all my complete, compiled and condensed work on ENDTIMES. All of these 7 Main elements contained the full essentials of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. If one is to be a serious, genuine evangelist, then there is No way that it can be done without thoroughly knowing The Word Of GOD. This is what the 'homework' was; this is what the 'witnessing packet' was.
My idea was also to reproduce this 'packet'; so, for any christian ready to step into the shoes of evangelism, their own BIBLE study would quickly adapt to what was already thoroughly organized for them with the resources in the 'packet'. That, however, never sprang into being, unfortunately. There are just simply some severe costs that come with an absolute willingness to completely and TOTALLY step out of the world. One obvious drawback is that it is exceedingly difficult to market anything when nobody in the world can get ahold of you!
Therefore, the best that i can offer now is to, at least, share with you, in some detail, what all of these
7 Main elements contained.
The first element was obviously a
BIBLE; but, it was not just a standard BIBLE. This BIBLE was Very unique; in that, it had all of the key, primary verses highlighted and tagged in a Very special way [this special tagging will be explained in the next item discussed.  Also, the bulk of my work always used The Power of The Word Of GOD from The New Testament; whereas, i pretty much dedicated Old Testament references to memory.  This made the packet lighter without a full BIBLE with Old and New Testaments; while making me keep my Scripture in forefront of my mind: Deuteronomy 11:18; Joshua 1:8].
The next element was one of the booklets that i had written. Essentially, it was a
'New Testaament~ verse~ mastery~command table'; which, i know, just sounds like a bunch of Biblical Words tossed together, but it really was what you read here. Beginning with The BIBLE, each highlighted verse was tagged with all the other BIBLE verses that related, coordinated with, or supported~ what i referred to as~ 'the origin verse'. It is a beautiful table of all the key,
primary verses, that has as its principle design an 'original verse' that then steps down a series of verses, sometimes a multitude of verses, each providing all the main verses that best go with 'the origin verse'; and even tags to other 'origin verses'~ keeping the verse~tagging going. It is so rich and powerful a Biblical~verse application instrument that, with steady use, one can only develop absolute mastery~command of The BIBLE as
Hebrews 4:12 directs the
child~of~GOD: to know how to weild The Word Of GOD as
'a double-edged SWORD'.
The next element was one of the reference tools that i designed and made. This was basically a 'micronized', distilled~down version of The New Testament~verse table booklet. Whereas, The New Testament booklet was a

1 1/4" thick booklet, the reference tool was a little, handheld, compact flip~booklet in small print. Just imagine a vertical spiral paper tablet, with the spiral at the top, and a size that fits perfectly in one's palm. i called it 'abcd ' because all of the verses were written and placed in alphabetical order, page~by~page; whereas, The New Testament~verse table booklet was written in~line with the ordre of The New Testament Books.
The fourth element was another booklet that i called
'The Gospels aligned '. This, however, was uniquely different from standard 'Harmony of The Gospels' reference resources. This booklet, rather, dissected The Gospels and organized them in 'theme fashion'. There were 34 themes that i determined to construct the booklet upon. Once a given number of pages were allocated to each theme, then every verse of The Gospels, that pertained to that theme, was then 'pasted' within its proper theme. Again, this was also a very rich and powerful instrument; in that, one could develop a mastery of The Gospels.
The fifth element was, again, another booklet that i called
'SOUND Doctrine '. Contained within this booklet was, essentially, a full body of Biblical truths, principles, subjects, topics, themes, issues, and Mysteries that i wrote on. On my account, [], there is a portion of my writings on that site that are from what i wrote in my 'SOUND Doctrine' booklet. The following is a list of what Biblical truths, principles, subjects, topics, themes, issues, and Mysteries that can be found on this site:

christians: how to deal with martial law
why the world is incapable of solving religious problems:
christians: handling persecution
born~again christians: how to evangelize
christians: why you are targeted
christians: discussing ‘unbelievers’
being fooled by demons:
christians: praying for our "enemies"
the illusion of an "Angry and Wrathful" Old Testament GOD:
christians: how to talk to, and pray for, government heading the wrong direction
how to know there is a GOD:
christians: getting changes in the world
christians: how to be ‘like JESUS’
how to forgive people:
understanding ‘hell’:
christians: ‘taking~up one’s CROSS’
another way to prove the existence of GOD:
UNdoing "deals" with the devil:
christians: how to increase your faith
how to know The BIBLE is true:
the most powerful child~of~GOD:
regarding the LIE of "no life after death":
Blessings received from being a child~of~GOD:
the truth of catholicism:
christians: how to be a servant
why "atheists" are "atheists",or, the basis for atheism:
how to become a ‘born~again’ christian:
the difference between ‘Jews’ and ‘born~again’ christians as ‘children~of~GOD’:
the basis of false religions:
what Worship is:
The Biblical view of homosexuality:
christians: witnessing to muslims
what The BIBLE is all about:
christians: worry over sinning
why the flesh is weak:
why Jewish people are ‘anti-CHRIST’; and how not to become anti-semitic:
the basis for the coming anti-CHRIST:
pointless: America’s end
why GOD allows suffering:
regarding the lie of “LGBTQ”:

​christians: are you tired of corruption?

This is an example of what my 'SOUND Doctrine' booklet was all about. There were actually a number of other writings within the booklet, as well; but, have not been transposed to the account. The following are those other writings from the booklet:

the Amish
apologetic sources
the word 'believe'
the word 'Chosen'

"Calvinism" and "pre~determination"
Good Fruit
The Incarnation
The Old Testament~The New Testament
the christian 'mountain'
The UnForgivable sin
The Washing of The Blood of JESUS
Matthew 19:30

Hebrews 6:4~6 and apostacy

The next element was one of my favorite items. It was the other reference tool that i designed and made, and was particularly special. What made this particularly special was, not only, what purpose it served, but how it worked. This reference tool was, essentially,'a mini~apologetics' resource; also as a small, handheld, compact unit. However, it was not a little flip~booklet, as with the 'abcd' reference tool. But, rather, this slick little friend of mine was a multi~folding, multi~'compartmentalized' micro~booklet, with all kinds of hidden niches, with a volume of Biblical apologetics info packed into it, in very small print; and it worked more like a cool little magic trick. i called this enjoyable element
'BIBLEJESUS '. When opened on one side, there was a wealth of prepared answers for just about any main question a person could ask about The BIBLE.   And when my fun gizmo was flipped~over, then it became the same thing for just about any main question a person could ask about Jesus.

Now, at this point, i would be absolutely remiss if i did not pause here, and address the following regarding a Very special 'apologetics' source..
It is my genuine belief, through the numerous Biblical resources that i have accessed and extensively studied over the years, that i can say, with unquestionable certitude and authority~  based on the power that has unfailingly evidenced itself through true~blue study and use of this source~  that there are NO  apologetics~resources as concise, as thorough, as information~dense, as brillantly assembled, synthesized, organized, and compendious as  
Ralph Muncaster's 'Examine the Evidence'® apologetics paperback series.  It is my sincere honor to have been So incredibly Blessed to have discovered these Holy Spirit~directed productions of our brother~in~Christ Ralph Muncaster. There is just No way that the tools of my evangelism could have been as powerful and formidable in The Word Of GOD were it not for these specific  Biblical study~resources.  i'm So grateful to The Lord for leading me to Ralph Muncaster's work, and i'm So grateful to Ralph Muncaster for having so faithfully constructed such a Great set of Biblical apologetics~resources.   These are absolutely necessary for every christian to know and study.  
For the evangelist,.. it is literally ghastly unthinkable  to imagine anyone attempting to try to evangelize without,
not only studying, but, having a thorough knowledge and grasp of what these apologetics~booklets of Ralph Muncaster's reveal and teach.

The 7th and final element was a resource that contained my complete, condensed work on ENDTIMES. Of all BIBLE themes, 'ENDTIMES' is among my favoritest; therefore, a tremendous amount of study has gone into this Biblical theme.  And because it is such a Vast topic, there is no way any serious, genuine evangelist can be thoroughly prepared if one does not have an equally thorough grasp of the study of ENDTIMES.  
At the time of my Biblical carrying 'packet', all of this work on ENDTIMES was in book notation~form and volumes of handwriten~form.   Since then, i have converted those notation~forms into a 12~hour video~dvd set titled
'a complete, accurate, organized chronology of The entire ENDTIMES'.  This 12~hour video~dvd set focuses on ALL of The Prophecies of The BIBLE; with the exception of 'the obscure' BIBLE Prophecies.  There are, throughout The Old Testament, numerous, highly~veiled, sophisticatedly~hidden~within~Hebrew~intricacy  BIBLE Prophecies that really only ancient Jewish clerics, or intense~Hebrew scholars, can ferret~out.  These are what i refer to as 'the obscure' BIBLE Prophecies [and there even some that are still being discovered today].  However, of the clearly identified and universally~known Prophecies Of Scripture, these are thoroughly presented and explained in the 
dvd~ set.  In short, there are approximately 100~125 Major Key ENDTIME [non~redundant] Prophecies, within The BIBLE, that are placed in an on~going, building~chronology throughout the video as each Prophecy is addressed.
The ENDTIMES dvd~set also highlights a strong emphasis on these main points:
~ that this is the first time in mankind’s history that ALL 100~125 Major Key ENDTIME Prophecies are visible, in one form or another; and are clearly evident Right Now.
~ that the convergence of ALL ENDTIME Prophecies, as what mankind is witnessing now, was what The Holy Spirit said would occur, and what would identifiy The ENDTIMES just prior to Jesus' RETURN, in two key ENDTIME Prophecy verses: Daniel 12:4  'But thou, O Daniel, shut up The Words, and seal The Book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased'; and Matthew 24:34  'Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened'.

Still regarding the theme of 'ENDTIMES', another christian author's work has been utterly central to my evangelism, and has also provided completely powerful and formidable knowledge and weilding of The Word Of GOD~ as did Ralph Muncaster's apologetics booklets.  It is the work of Marvin Rosenthal's 'Prewrath Rapture of the Church'
All of my ENDTIMES work has been built 'on the foundation' of Marvin Rosenthal's 'Prewrath Rapture of the Church'
[I Corinthians 3:10]; and because of this, my gratitude to The Lord and to Marvin Rosenthal for this Great work is as equally measured as Ralph Muncaster's work.
There are just so many other Great Biblical resources that are worthy to cite for one's encouragement to seek~out and study for their tremendous quality and their unspeakable wealth of wisdom and edification of The Word Of GOD; but, just the thought of that list is overwhelming.  However, like Ralph Muncaster's and Marvin Rosenthal's GOD~assisted writing's, there are just some other christian author's works that i simply cannot neglect to highlight here at this moment.  Their works are just too exceptional and extraordinary to overlook.
There and 7 main works that need to be listed: 
1] ‘The BIBLE as History’ archeology by Werner Keller 
2] ‘The Greatest Book on Dispensational Truth in the World’, by Clarence Larkin
3] ‘The Resurrection Of The SHROUD’, by Mark Antonacci
4] ‘A woman rides the beast’, by Dave Hunt
5] ‘Petrus romanus’, by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam
6] ‘Exovaticana’, by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam
7] ‘The Coming Last Day's Temple’, by Randall Price
Ok, so, there is the whole evangelism 'witnessing packet'.

The entire point of this is, that, if one is Called to be an evangelist, then there is No Way  that evangelist can expect to be effective unless they are, literally, Fully equiped knowing their BIBLE. No 'if-and-or-buts' about it. Evangelism All comes down to
I Peter 3:15: 'Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have'.  Always means Always.  And that is what i would like to convey and share with any current
or future evangelists. It is not just about your BIBLE study; but, it is primarily how prepared you are, and how organized you are.  Preparation entails also taking into consideration 'the unexpected'.  If you are engaged in serious, genuine evangelism, then even though your heart is in its right, proper place, there are just simply going to be moments when your physical fatigue or mental fatigue will cause you, at times, to draw a complete 'blank' to a Biblical question; irrespective of how great one's memory is, or how well studied you are.  That is just human nature, and human weakness, at times.  This is what these
7 Main elements serve. They represent the fruit of your BIBLE study in~ordre to 'Always be prepared to give an answer', with well~prepared back~up, and quick reference, if need~be, for just those unexpected moments.
They are simply essentialII Timothy 2:15 'study to show thyself approved unto God'.
Besides, having items as this is what especially makes evangelism so enjoyable to do. Preparation as this completely eliminates any concerns of being spiritually or Biblically 'blindsided' by forces of evil that sense times of weakness; even in a serious, no~nonsense evangelist for The Lord.


about  ‘delivery of message’

​​To one who may never have witnessed for Jesus Christ before, and are seriously desiring to pursue evangelism, the thought of standing before others, 'defending the faith' [Philippians 1:7], can likely seem a bit intimidating; and maybe even frightening to some.  It is my hopes, that, with the following, i can help eleviate much of that for you; if not outright eliminate your concerns all~together.  How?.. again, it is all about your preparation.  But, be assured, however, that this 'preparation', as you will soon see, is not just speaking about one's study and Biblical knowledge.​​
Please, bear~in~mind, that all that this evangelism site presents is the culmination and ultimate apex  of what to strive for, and seek to achieve, as an evangelist.  In no way, am i advocating that a christian have mastery of their BIBLES, and evangelism artistry, before they begin..  Not at all!  There are just some skills [if not most of them], that can Only be developed 'in the field ', and will be honed Only with practice and repetition.  It is as with any skilled work; a new beginner has to expect to learn mastery of that ability with continued experience and use over time. For example, wood~working: a master craftsman became that after a dedicated portion of their life centrated on perfecting that trade.  However, as with any skilled work, as well, one usually cannot expect to just step right into a specilized work, with no prior abilities; nor, expect perfecting that work right away.  And evangelism Is, Very much, 'a specilized service'. Therefore, this preparation is not to be confused with what we learn along the way.  This is a crucial distinction to make right from the beginning here.

The following is what all of the preceding information about preparation is about: it is your 'work credentials'  that you bring into your service for The Lord whenever you decide to 'step~out in faith' and serve through witnessing.  Your 'work credentials' are none other than your BIBLE~study and 'homework', and your heart for 'the lost'.  These are your 'prior abilities'; and, therefore are not only, 'simply essential '; but, non~negotiable.  The reason for this is sensible. With evangelism, please keep this in proper perspective,.. the work of evangelism is not  "just some job in the world". We are talking about peoples' Eternal salvation and souls here.  Therefore, our preparation is out of   imperative necessity  for the lost souls that we are aiming to serve; by offering the best of ourselves to them.  Again, evangelism is a Very special ministry; and, therefore, we owe it to those prospective lost souls, that Jesus Christ has pre~ordained for us to encounter, to be the best representatives of The Lord. We do not have the liberty to be careless and sloppy with our preparation for something as Vitally Important as a person's decision for Jesus Christ.  Therefore, how much more Vitally Important should one be prepared for The work for The Lord?  Whereas, with our wood~working 
example~  though beginning with absolutely no knowledge of carpentry is possible~  that, however, only hinders oneself and their own time to master that skill.  Evangelism just simply does not have that same 'privilege'.

So once one has their heart in its proper place for this type of ministry and prospective lost souls, then one's study and BIBLICAL knowledge is really just the first aspect of preparation.  The real aspect  of preparation, however, is what really addresses 'the thought of standing before others, 'defending the faith' [Philippians 1:7], that can likely seem a bit intimidating; and maybe even frightening to some'~ mentioned at the start of this segment.  It is this real aspect of preparation that should serve to ease one's concerns that a christian could have of 'not feeling confident enough or adequate enough'. For this, i will identify what i refer to as 'the most powerful child~of~GOD':  Understanding the following is where the power is in overcoming any self-doubts of inexperience, unpreparedness or inadequacy..
The most powerful child~of~GOD is the one who truly knows the following particular combination of truths:
1] intimately knowing Jesus Christ; that is, knowing who He is, knowing His personality, knowing how He thinks.
2] knowing Jesus Christ’s Power and Authority.
3] knowing your authority as a child~of~GOD; based on 1] and 2].
4] knowing one's study and Biblical knowledge as well as you know your name.
A child~of~GOD, with this knowledge, absolutely petrifies and terrifies the entire underworld.

When one looks this equation over, there should be three qualities to it that stand~out: where the Real Power is at, how our personal study fits in, and what the spiritual warfare' effects are.
Notice that is not until number 4] that addresses one's first aspect of preparation, or, BIBLE~study and 'homework'. However, it is numbers 1~3] that are 'the real aspect of preparation '  that truly serves to give Peace, not only to the seasoned evangelist, from moment~to~moment; but, to the prospective christian who is willing and desiring 'to step into the shoes of evangelism'.  This is where the answer rests as to how one's concerns are eleviated.  
Numbers 1~3] are where 'the real aspect of preparation ' needs to be solidly established before beginning the work 
of evangelism.  
When one intimately knows Jesus Christ, His personality, and Power and Authority, then one should know from this [coupled through their BIBLE~study and 'homework'] their authority as a child~of~GOD.  Once this is firmly rooted into 'your being' as a christian, then the rest is easy..  For, it is then just a matter of knowing The Scripture Promises, that uphold you, as you are learning your 'specilized service' of evangelism 'in the field'.
For starters, Matthew 10:20 Promises: 'for, it will not be you speaking, but The Holy Spirit speaking through you'. That, right there, is enough to bring some serious relief to thoughts of worry.  Which, brings us to my original claims in the early portions of this evangelism site; whereby, i stated: 'your FAITH allows you to truly understand, and believe: 
 'Do Not worry' Matthew 6:25~34
 'i can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me' Phillipians 4:13
 'Greater is He that is in me, than that which is in the world' I John 4:4
Intimately knowing Jesus Christ, His personality, His Power and Authority, and one's own authority as a child~of~GOD IS   the Rock of FAITH.   And FAITH yields BOLDness.  So, immediately, we can see the spiritual Power that comes from a having a Very strong, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ when beginning to serve.  
Your FAITH + your BIBLE~study and 'homework' yield for you the BOLDness to do your witnessing; and then
The Holy Spirit assists with your words.  From this, you should now undertand Galatians 5:16 'walk by The Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh'; that is: II Timothy 1:7 'for, we do not have a spirit of fear; but of Power, and of love, and of a sound mind'.  And with this,.. guess what?.. when it comes to 'the thought of standing before others, 'defending the faith'.. instead of it seeming 'a bit intimidating; and maybe even frightening'~ we have Titus 1:9 '.. we hold firmly to the trustworthy Message as it has been taught, [and] encourage others by SOUND Doctrine and refute those who oppose It' and II Corinthians 10:5, whereby, 'we cast down arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against THE Knowledge of GOD, and take every thought captive to obey Christ'... such as 'self-doubts of inexperience, unpreparedness or inadequacy'.

And Scripture, that upholds you, do not stop there.. 
For this next portion, allow a mild outpouring of verses to firmly fasten your assurance in The Lord and His Calling of you into the enjoyable ministry of evangelism..  These 4 verse~sets can be thought of as 4 ways to look at the work of witnessing in terms of: Whohowwhat, and why.
The first set of verses really further answer to help rest one's concerns.  They all centre on The Fundamental frame~of~mind that any evangelist Must have before attempting to evangelize for Jesus Christ: and that is knowing and keeping GOD in Control.   Remembering that The Lord is Who is in Control removes massive  amounts of pressure off of the evangelist's shoulders.  This is what  I Co 1:27 ‘But GOD chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong’ is speaking all about.  Let's see how..
II Co 1:9 'rely not on ourselves but on GOD'.  This verse tells you to let The Lord do the work.  Your task is to know your Word Of GOD, as we have already learned by our need to be 'prepared'; but, then let The Lord take over from there. One of The  Most Important verses for evangelists to master is I Co 2:1,4.  It is this verse alone, practically, that the words spoken earlier: 'there are just some skills [if not most of them], that can Only be developed 'in the field', and will be honed Only with practice and repetition' really speak to.  I Co 2:1,4  reads 'for, not with eloquence or human wisdom;.. not with wise and persuasive words [are we to preach THE WORD]'.  When witnessing, as an inexperienced evangelist, there will be the natural tendency to 'try to prove Jesus and THE BIBLE' to unbelievers.  It is one of satan's strongest tricks to thwart evangelism and one of its worst traps to render witnessing ineffective.  That is because 'eloquence, human wisdom and wise and persuasive words'  completely strip The Word Of GOD of Its 
Power.  Instead, with experience, the evangelist will learn that 'faith comes by hearing, and hearing by The Word Of GOD': Romans 10:17.  With this, SCRIPTURE then Promises us that 'The Word Of GOD shall not return void'Isaiah 55:11.  At that point, we have done our work, we 'let go and let GOD', and let The Holy Spirit do His work: 'we plant the seed, [we] water it, but GOD is Who makes it grow'I Co 3:6.

The next set of verses really are designed to remind the servant of Jesus Christ of exactly how  we are to conduct ourselves; especially, with those who are yet a part of The Body Of Christ: it's all about  I Co 16:14.  Again, Another one of The Most Important verses for evangelists to master is I Co 16:14 'do everything in~LOVE'.  Otherwise, 'without love, then it equals nothing' and ‘if the christian does not have agape love, then their service equals nothing’: I Co 13:2. When the evangelist is witnessing in true LOVE, then for the next verses,.. the rest is easy..  For, we will easily 'speak Truth in~love'Ephesians 4:15, all of our work will be done through 'The Fruit Of The Spirit; which is: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control'Galatians 5:22~23; and we will have left those we ministered to with 'faith, hope and love': I Co 13:13.

The next set of verses are simply included here for the brand~new evangelist; as a starter~set.  They are not intended to substitute one's own BIBLE~study, obviously; but are just some of what  are among The Most Important verses evangelists use on a continuous basis:
Romans 3:10-12 'there is no one righteous, not even one'. This verse is Primary for the fact that every, single religion on the planet was produced by satan, every, single religion on the planet is based on "doing good works", and every, single religion on the planet has their followers deceived by satan thinking that they are "good people"~  that is, all religions;   But Not 'born again Christianity' .  For, 'born again Christianity' is not a religion, it is a FAITH.  And this is why Jesus said in John 3:3 'unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom Of GOD'.
Some beginning verses of encouragement for 'the lost' are: 
II Peter 3:9 'The Lord.. is longsuffering toward you, not wanting that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance'.
I Timothy 2:3 'GOD our SAaviour Who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth'.
John 6:44 'no one can come to Jesus unless The FATHER draws them'. 
John 3:16 'For GOD so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life'. 
Romans 5:8 'GOD demonstrates His own love for us in this: that, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us'.
I John 1:9 'if we confess our sins, He is Faithful and Just and will forgive us all our sins and purify us from all

​Some verses that explain 'born again Christianity' is The Only true spiritual solution are:

John 14:6 'Jesus  said, I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to The FATHER except through Me'.
Hebrews 9:22: '.. and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins'

I John 1:7 '.. and The Blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin'.
​Some verses that instill  'faith, hope and love' are:
II Co 5:17 'if anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation: the old is gone, the new is here'.
I Co 6:11 '.. and that [a person destined to perish] is what some of you were'

Luke 15:10 'I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of GOD over one sinner who repents'.
Matthew 25:23 'Well done, good and faithful servant!'.

And then some verses that get back to 'spiritual warfare'; and why  we do what we do as evangelists:
Luke 13:5 'repent; lest you perish' is essential because it truly sums~up the seriousness of salvation in 4 words.
I Co 12:10 'The Gift of distinguishing spirits'.  This is One of The Gifts of The Holy Spirit  [which is really what is referred to as 'spiritual discernment'].  As an evangelist, it is my strongest recommendation that any christian Called to be an evangelist would be fully wise to ask The Holy Spirit specifically  for this Gift  [I Corinthians 12:31; 
James 4:2].   It is Imperatively Essential for evangelism.  If one does not know what 'The Gift of distinguishing spirits' is, or how it works.. this is what it is: 'The Gift of distinguishing spirits' is, essentially, like having 'spiritual x~ray vision'. It allows the true child~of~GOD to be able to see the spritually invisible.  The Holy Spirit has Blessed me, personally, with this Gift; and it is Extremely  Powerful.  When evangelism 'is all about 'spiritual warfare', then it is easily understandable why this Gift of The Holy Spirit is critical to have.
Following the theme of 'spiritual warfare', we can now revisit our earlier statement of: 'a child~of~GOD, with this knowledge, absolutely petrifies and terrifies the entire underworld'.  Let us now understand why:  
With all that we have addressed in this evangelism site, a christian can be thoroughly  equipped  and prepared  to, not only, 'step into the shoes of evangelism'; but to 'walk the steps of evangelism'.  For, we are now ready 'to fight the good fight'I Timothy 6:12.  We have learned to 'rely on GOD; and not on ourselves'II Co 1:9 and to 'let The Holy Spirit do His work'; for, we know that 'The Word Of GOD is alive and active; sharper than any double-edged Sword': Hebrews 4:12.  ​We know that ‘our battle is Not with flesh~and~blood; but, rather, the forces of evil’: Ephesians 6:12.  And despite this, 'no weapon shall prosper against us': Isaiah 54:17; but, instead, 'The GOD of Peace will crush satan under our feet': Romans 16:20.  While all along, we 'love our enemies, Bless those who curse us, do good to those who hate us, and pray for those who spitefully use us and persecute us' and 'Bless those who persecute us'Matthew 5:44 and Romans 12:14..  
This is why  this knowledge 'absolutely petrifies and terrifies the entire underworld'.

All of a sudden, with knowing all of this that has been addressed, all one's initial concerns, that a prospective christian may have had considering 'stepping into the shoes of evangelism', just  fade~away.

Oh, how beautiful and Powerful we see how our BIBLE~study and 'homework' preparation is now!​​


more about 'spiritual warfare' :

​The following expounds on the afore mentioned 'most powerful child~of~GOD'.  As you may recall, the most powerful child~of~GOD is the one who truly knows the following particular combination of truths:
1] intimately knowing Jesus Christ; that is, knowing Who He is, knowing His personality, knowing how He thinks.
2] knowing Jesus Christ’s Power and Authority.
3] knowing your authority as a child~of~GOD; based on 1] and 2].
4] knowing one's study and Biblical knowledge as well as you know your name.

This segment builds on the former by empowering you with specific  Word Of GOD verses that serve to work 'alive and active; sharper than any double-edged Sword'.  There is no place better to start than with 'the four cornerstones' of The entire BIBLE that encapsulates where the foundation must really be for All  christian service before it begins [or, at least, what the aim to strive for and attempt to master as one continues serving Jesus Christ].  
These are  Mark 12:30; Mark 12:31; John 13:34  and I Corinthians 16:14 :  
Mark 12:30 reads 'Love The Lord Thy GOD with all your soul, heart, mind and strength'
Mark 12:31 reads 'Love your neighbor as yourself'
John 13:34 reads 'Love one another'
I Corinthians 16:14 reads 'Do everything in~Love'.

This is where it truly begins.  These four verses are the ultimate measuring stick to 'examine yourself' by [II Co 13:5] 'to see whether you are properly in the faith'.  If one does not truly love The Lord, if one does not truly love all our fellow humanity, if one especially  does not truly love our fellow brothers and sisters~in~Christ, then one is only truly fooling theirself; and there is No way  that christian can expect to 'do anything in~Love'.
From here, the next verse~sets are in three categories that serve specifically for 'spiritual warfare'.  The first listing's verses are for a christian's own personal requirements.  The second listing's verses are for a christian when dealing with 'spiritual warfare' toward other individuals.  The third listing's verses are for a christian when dealing with 
'spiritual warfare' at the institutional level, *or toward the 'very-rebellious-individual ' level  .

'spiritual warfare' verses:
for a christian's own personal requirements        toward other individuals        at the institutional level, *or            
                                                                                                                 the 'very-rebellious-individual ' level 

Matthew 5:49           Romans 12:9                      I John 1:7                           I Timothy 1:3,5
Matthew 5:44           II Corinthians 10:5               Philippians 2:9~11              Titus 3:10
                               II Corinthians 12:9              Luke 13:5                           Titus 1:9,11
Matthew 10:8           Ephesians 5:11                   Galatians 6:7                      Matthew 10:14
Mark 16:17~18         Ephesians 5:18                   Matthew 18:15
Matthew 17:20         Ephesians 6:12                  Galatians 6:1                                                         

                               Ephesians 6:13~17             [II Co 13:5 beware]
Matthew 10:23         Philippians 2:3                                                                       
Acts 5:29                  ~Matthew 7:1
~Matthew 28:18       ~James 4:10
~I Timothy 1:3          
~Titus 3:10               Titus 2:12
~Romans 13:1          I Peter 4:11
Mighty 10:                prayer

Matthew 6:25          I Timothy 5:17
Matthew 10:28
Matthew 19.:26
John 14:1
John 14:27
Romans 8:28
Romans 8:31
Philippians 4:6
Philippians 4:13
I John 4:4

The first two categories will be addressed in this portion, and the last column needs special attention that will be presented in the following segment.

more soon..​ caution: work undre construction...

A child~of~GOD, with this knowledge, absolutely petrifies and terrifies the entire underworld.


and still more about 'spiritual warfare' :

​Of all that i have presented within this evangelism site, this next segment will likely be the first  that stirs~up thoughts that will challenge your faith and understanding of Jesus Christ.  For, it will be with these final words on 'spiritual warfare' where i'm going to introduce an aspect of Christianity that few christians really know about and understand; let alone are ever taught on.   [The second  place that will likely challenge your faith and understanding of Jesus Christ is the segment following:  about ‘taking~up one’s CROSS’ ].  

This aspect of 'spiritual warfare' will focus on where there is actually a Biblical point of separation between the christian and certain rebellious-people.  This segment will reveal that there is actually a Biblical point where Jesus' Love and patience for the rebellious is no~longer tolerated ; and The Lord expects the servant of Jesus Christ to honor The Lord's rejection  of the rebellious-person that has 'crossed-the-line'. Believe it or not.  As i shared, few christians really know about this and understand this.  In all my years as a christian, Never  have i ever heard so much as one minister teach on what you are about to learn.  Because of how semenaries have developed over the centuries, very few pastors actually know their BIBLES thoroughly; and therefore,  only a surface depth of specialized themes, such as  'spiritual warfare ', get taught.  Specialized themes such as 'spiritual warfare' are seriously cut short of their thorough breadth, and the flock as The Body Of Christ suffers as a consequence by not knowing the fullness of these truths.

The reason that this is crucial to understand is because the following is necessary to know and expect; particularly with evangelism.  The reason that this could stir~up thoughts that will challenge your faith and understanding of Jesus Christ is because there is an erroneous idea within Christianity, for example, that believes that there are never times that we are to 'turn our backs ' to any fellow human being~ particularly one that is 'lost '.  There are 'lines ' that Scripture has laid~out for us to follow and obey regarding this; and, as i stated, 'The Lord expects the servant of Jesus Christ to honor The Lord's rejection of the rebellious-person that has 'crossed-these-lines'.  Believe it or not '. 

more soon..​ caution: work undre construction...

whereas, weild The Word Of GOD as 'a double-edged Sword'
 recognizing the person Not interested in Truth; the pathological liar is their only response


I Timothy 1:3,5
Titus 3:10
Titus 1:9,11
Matthew 10:14

A child~of~GOD, with this knowledge, absolutely petrifies and terrifies the entire underworld.


about  ‘taking~up one’s CROSS’

christians:  ​​
It is all about your heart.. that is just the starting point; but it is a huge starting point, as you will see..
In~ordre for one to truly understand ‘taking~up one’s CROSS’, the christian must first truly understand what it means to be ‘like JESUS’; and conversely, the degree to which a christian is truly ‘like JESUS’, determines the degree to which a christian is able to ‘take~up their CROSS’.
christians: how to be ‘like JESUS’:
Again, it is all about your heart..
There are really two dimensions to being ‘like JESUS’: the degree to which a christian makes ‘sacrifices’; and the degree to which a christian is willing to ‘take~up their CROSS’.
This is the ultimate ‘litmus test’ to measuring the true maturity, or, ‘sanctification’ of a christian.
Jesus said in Revelation 3 that the final version of the church, during the ENDTIMES, would be like that of ‘the Laodicean church’; ‘worldly’, ‘spiritually-immature’ and ‘un-sanctified’. Prophecy has proven itself true; for, the contemporary church is precisely like this: cozy and comfie.
In~ordre for a genuine child~of~GOD to be truly ‘like JESUS’, that christian Must truly break~away from the world~ completely. There is No way around this. Plain and simple. Jesus made it clear in Scripture that the true, 
mature child~of~GOD cannot ‘have it both ways’; Matthew 6:24: ‘no one can serve two masters’. And, yet, that is 
precisely what the contemporary ‘Laodicean church’ wants and does. The contemporary ‘Laodicean church’ wants to believe that they are mature children~of~GOD; but, really do not want to ‘pay the price’ for that earned definition.
Jesus says to ‘the Laodicean church’ that, ‘[you] do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. I counsel you to buy from ME gold refined in the fire so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see’. So, we can see from this passage, that these christians are NOT the way they are due to ‘apostasy’, with ‘consciences that have been seared as with a hot iron’: [I Timothy 4: 1~2], and, therefore, unrecoverable; because Jesus says that they have the choice to ‘buy gold, white clothes and salve from HIM [to correct their spiritual condition]’.
We also know from this passage that these contemporary ‘Laodicean christians’ ‘do not realize that [they] are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked’. Therefore, if you want to be anything ‘like JESUS’, then it begins by 
wanting to ‘buy gold, white clothes and salve from The Lord’; and that is why this brings us back to our original objective: it is all about your heart…
The following explains exactly how to ‘buy gold, white clothes and salve from The Lord’..
The very first step is to let The Lord wash you with His Blood; i mean,.. Really wash you with His Blood! 
[as explained in the next segment: ‘how to become a ‘born~again’ christian’].
Then, ask the Lord to give you wisdom for what your purpose is for Him.
ALL christians are called to serve Jesus; however, few answer that Call because the hearts of the majority of ‘christians’ are still not right. These majority ‘christians’ may be saved, but they still really prefer the comforts of the world, and do not want to make sacrifices. In~ordre to maintain wanting to be ‘like JESUS’, the next step is:..
It is all about making sacrifices..
Now, the following information is going to make you or break you regarding whatever hope you have for becoming truly ‘like JESUS’, or not; [so, i gently forewarn you for what you are about to read. Please know that i have 
tremendous love [as Jesus knows i do] for The Body Of Christ; my brothers and sisters in~Christ. Therefore, this is very difficult to have to write; but, it is necessary. It will be even more difficult for the real ‘worldly christian’; in that, they will not like what i’m about to say, and i’m sorry for that]..
In my years of evangelism, i have found that The Number 1 barrier to true maturity, or, ‘sanctification’, for a christian, is their absolute unwillingness  to make complete and total sacrifices of life; their absolute unwillingness 
to TOTALLY step out of the world*.
*i mean TOTALLY; as what Scripture truly defines and Commands.
i have found that the contemporary ‘Laodicean christian’ has utterly deceived theirself into a completely 
warped-understanding of what ‘Do Not be of this world’ means; [and their understanding is Not what is read in: John 8:22~24John 15:19John 17:14~16Romans 12:1~2James 4:4I Peter 2:11~12; and I John 2:15~17]. It is found that there are virtually NO contemporary christians who actually live their life, or are willing to live their life, according to these verses. It is found that virtually ALL contemporary christians have developed a Multitude of excuses, debates, self-justifications and rationalities against the above, cited verse~passages to explain-away the so~called “christian” life that they live instead. This has been extremely tragic to witness all these years.
The contemporary ‘Laodicean christian’ has absolutely No concept, whatsoever, what is truly at the heart of the above, cited verse~passages, and what is truly expected of them through these verse~passages~ even if they wanted to be ‘like JESUS’. Further, i have found that virtually All contemporary christians [that i have encountered evangelizing around the country] have no intention, nor desire, to learn what that is either.
My experience with this aspect of Scripture, and host of conversations regarding this theme of Christianity, has led me to conclude that it is pointless attempting to insist a christian accept a Scriptural Truth, that i have personally lived~out for almost 2 decades and can truthfully attest to. Jesus said in Matthew 6:20 ‘build~up for yourselves treasures in HEAVEN’. These Words from Jesus are a Command ; and, yet, it is amazing how many christians still give no regard to this verse, whatsoever. They do not realize that by having a ‘willingness to make complete and total sacrifices of life’ and having a ‘willingness to TOTALLY step out of the world’, that their discomforts are only ‘but a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes’James 4:14 and 'for, our present troubles are small and won't last very long; yet, they produce for us a Glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever!': II Co 4:17.  And, in~Return for that ‘little bit of discomfort’, they would have heaps of ‘treasure build~up for them in HEAVEN’. Instead, they would rather ‘.. gain the whole world, and forfeit their.. [ETERNAL Rewards]’Matthew 16:26 [slightly modified 
for making~a~point purpose].
So be it.
Therefore, one can only resolve oneself to what Jesus said in Matthew 7:14 ‘.. only a few shall find it’… [Now, a person could contend that Matthew 7:14 is referring to ‘salvation through Jesus Christ alone’~  which it does; but, the verse is far more expansive than that. It also pertains to a whole host of Blessings that come with sanctification, as well; that, again, ‘.. only a few shall find’..].
At this point, a christian reader, who may genuinely desire to be ‘like JESUS’, could ask: ‘ok,.. so, what IS truly expected of me through the verse~passages above?’..
Are you ready?…
John the baptist.
‘What does that mean.. John the baptist?’,.. you could ask.
Just that. i tell you the truth, for any christian out there, who truly would like to know how to be ‘like JESUS’,.. you Must be prepared, and willing, to live your life like John the baptist. There is no way around this;.. i have lived it, and i know the spiritual Blessings that have come as a consequence with it. When a true christian is willing to serve The Lord, all the way to the point of living like John the baptist, then Very quickly that christian’s spiritual sanctification matures. As one’s spiritual sanctification matures, the easier and easier and clearer and clearer they can hear The Lord’s Voice. As one’s spiritual sanctification matures, the more and more they know and understand The Word Of GOD. As one’s spiritual sanctification matures, the easier and easier it is to spiritually discern. As one’s spiritual sanctification matures, the easier and easier it is to engage in spiritual~warfare. Finally, as one’s spiritual sanctification matures, the greater and greater one’s faith grows. The list could go on and on;.. but, essentially,…
As one’s spiritual sanctification matures, the more one becomes ‘like JESUS’.
Are you telling me that i can have no family, no children, then?’.. one could now ask.
Not if you want to ultimately be ‘like JESUS’. Just know, it is a ‘trade~off’. Spiritual sanctification maturity works like a pair of scales: on the right scale is absolute, willing, complete and total sacrifices of life. On the left scale are all the things of the world that you just want, and are unwilling to make complete and total sacrifices of.
Plain and simple. Total means total. The more total you are with the right scale of absolute, willing, complete and total sacrifices of life, the more ‘like JESUS’ a person becomes. The more a christian places on the left scale, all the things of the world that they just want, and are unwilling to make complete and total sacrifices of, the less ‘like JESUS’ they become.
So, yes, you can have family, and children;..  but, just do not expect to appear like JESUS to anyone.  You will have all the same things the world has: a house, a car, bills, licenses and deeds and legal documents, schedules and appointments, technology and etc..,..  and you look no different than anybody else.
On the other hand, when we live like John the baptist, we look So different from the world, that upon just seeing one as him, the world immediately is prepared to accuse us with a myriad of negative attributions, characteristics, and idiosyncrasies... just as they did with Jesus.... 
now, isn’t that interesting..
i’ll say it again, there is No way around this if a christian truly wants to be ‘like JESUS’.   John the baptist made absolute, willing, complete and total sacrifices of life; and was absolutely willing to completely and TOTALLY step out of the world. He sacrificed EVERYTHING; and, consequently, this is precisely why Jesus said of him in Luke 7:28 
‘among those born of women there is no one greater than John’.
So there you have it. Now, it is just a matter of how much you are willing to sacrifice..
‘Sacrifices’ means EVERYTHING: your worldly job, your credentials, your reputation, your family*, your complete comfort, your time,… your EVERYTHING  [*SCRIPTURE defines family in a myriad of ways. This application is not referring to “abandoning  dependants”. This application is referring to the fact that Jesus does not allow the true child~of~GOD to place one’s family above Him in their heart; and, Jesus encourages one to serve HIM solely if a person does not have family~ or dependants~ of their own]. For the truly sanctified christian, who is faithful enough, who is trusting in The Lord enough, who is willing enough, and who is bold enough~ it requires 
truly stepping out of the world,  and not just pretending  that you are. Finally, in addition, on top of all the initial, major sacrifices,.. expect the devil and its followers to seriously persecute you.
The ultimate ‘litmus test’, to measure yourself against, to determine if you truly qualify for all of what has been shared with you here, can be found in Scripture in II Corinthians 11. If you are a christian willing to totally sacrifice your “self”, as described above, and be willing to go through what The Apostle Paul went through, as presented in II Corinthians 11:16~33, and even be willing to experience serious pain for serving THE LORD,.. then, so far, you are on the right path.
Next, you need to learn The Word Of GOD like you know your name.  Again, there is No way around this. Anybody, who calls theirself a christian, and does not know The BIBLE thoroughly, in no way, can even hope to be ‘like JESUS’. The reason for this is because no true, mature child~of~GOD can genuinely serve THE LORD without facing serious 
spiritual~warfare and persecution;  and knowing The Word Of GOD is the Only defense to that.  This is why Jesus used only The Word Of GOD against satan in the wilderness:  Matthew 4:1~11.
satan, nor any of its minions, nor any of its followers, nor any person on the planet who opposes The BIBLE or Jesus CHRIST can do anything  against The Word Of GOD [at least, not in verbal battle]; therefore, this is why there is no way, one who wants to seriously  serve The Lord, can get away from not knowing The BIBLE thoroughly.
Next, and very importantly,.. you Have to have a genuine love for all people. This is what is at the Heart of true, serious, ‘CHRIST~like’ ministry for The Lord [and for any and all ministries]. If there is no absolute, universal love for all people, then, again, quite candidly, the christian is only fooling theirself.  Jesus said in I Co 13:2 ‘if the christian does not have agape love, then their service equals nothing’.
Finally, and The Most Important,.. you need to ‘take~up your CROSS’.
christians: ‘taking~up one’s CROSS’:
‘Taking~up one’s CROSS’ is the epitome of ‘sacrifices’.
It is the epitome of ‘sacrifices’ because only until the child~of~GOD truly ‘takes~up their CROSS’, to the degree they should, will they feel the real discomforts and pains of ‘sacrifice’. It is these real discomforts and pains of ‘sacrifice’ that allow the true, genuine child~of~GOD to understand, in just a very small way, what Jesus suffered for us; and that is precisely what JESUS truly wants HIS true children to know: I Peter 2:21 ‘to this you were Called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in His steps’. . These real discomforts and pains of ‘sacrifice’ can only entail physical deprivations, physical persecution and possibly even death.

Which now brings us back to 'the connection between FAITH  +  BOLDNESS  +  LOVE  =  PERSECUTION
and how it works'..  Hopefully, you now understand 'the proper method of evangelism ', 'how to evangelize:',

'how to re~think ​​the way you are suppose to share The Gospel', and 'how ​it's all about your heart '.
Prayers and Blessings to all who read this, because, beware:.. now that you have heard this, do not turn away, with your head hanging down, like ‘the rich young man’: [Matthew 19:22].

JESUS said in JOHN 3:3: ‘JESUS replied, ‘Very truly I tell you, no one can see the KINGDOM OF GOD unless they are born~again’.
First of all, what is a ‘born~again’ christian? a ‘born~again’ christian is, actually, the ONLY true christian, or, child~of~GOD, for that matter.
To explain this as briefly as possible, there are just, simply, some ‘given’ truths that need to be initially accepted; without having to expound on each and every point. To begin with, JESUS is THE LORD who wants to restore fallen man to HIMSELF. HE designed the OLD TESTAMENT and THE LAW to show mankind that they cannot ‘fix’ themselves. JESUS died on THE CROSS to provide mankind the ONLY way to be restored to GOD.
JESUS said in HEBREWS 9:22: ‘.. and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins’.
A person’s spirit is the corrupted part of a person that lives fo
rever; the
‘shedding of blood’ washes that spirit clean and pure so as that it can enter into a HOLY place~ called GOD’S HOME, or, HEAVEN.
The ‘washing of a person’s spirit clean and pure’ is what is meant as being ‘born~again’.
So, we see, that a person does not become a christian by simply “believing” THE BIBLE, or thinking that they are a "good person".

Despite what the predominant, contemporary church teaches, from my experience as an evangelist for many, many years, i will tell you that a person does not even become a true christian by simply “believing” in JESUS, alone*  *[this is NOT, however, alluding to “works”.. it is referring to TRUE conversion].  The predominant, contemporary church does a very poor job of evangelism; restricting salvation to the notion of JOHN 3:16 alone.  The modern~day church will simply recite JOHN 3:16, over and over, as if that is all there is to becoming saved and becoming a child~of~GOD.
It is not..  
Whereas, JOHN 3:16 is definitely central to a conversion, it is still only ‘half of the story’.. 
A person can have an intellectual ‘belief’ of JESUS, and even a belief in ALL of the surrounding details of HIMSELF; but, SCRIPTURE is abundantly clear that ‘the brain’ is NOT the key element to conversion, the HEART is: 
the HEART is what JESUS ALWAYS focused on:
EZEKIEL 36:26: ‘I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh’; MATTHEW 5:8: ‘ Blessed are the pure in heart,..’; MATTHEW 6:21: ‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will be’; MATTHEW 12:34: ‘.. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks’; MATTHEW 13:15: ‘For this people’s heart has become hardened;..otherwise [if] they [would] understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them’; MATTHEW 15:8: 'These people draw near unto ME with their mouth, and honour ME with their lips; but their heart is far from ME’; Ephesians 4:18: ‘Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of GOD through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart‘.
So, here we see that just an ‘intellectual belief’ of JESUS, and HIS offer a salvation, does not have the identifying elements of
‘the heart’ anywhere in it.   That is because the heart is about a person’s attitude.
The ultimate proof of this is the GREATEST verse in THE BIBLE that truly captures the essence of what JESUS wants from a person’s heart when they ask HIM for forgiveness; it is:
II Corinthians 7:10: ‘Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death’.
It is all about the heart.  The ‘Godly sorrow’ that is being referred to here is nothing short of ‘tears’, themselves. In other words, you show me a person who asks JESUS for forgiveness of their sins, as tears are flooding down their cheeks, and i will show you a person whose heart is right regarding their sin, who has genuine remorse for sin; i will show you a true christian conversion.
Whereas, you show me a person who just “ nonchalantly” “believes” in JESUS, and says some “shallow” prayer to “GOD”, and i will show you a person with a
II Corinthians 7:10: ‘worldly sorrow that brings death’. It ‘brings death’ because it isn’t genuine, plain~and~simple.
The true way a person becomes a christian is when a person realizes that they are, in~fact, a serious sinner; that there is a GOD who loves them, whose name is JESUS [and HIS other BIBLICAL names], and that JESUS offers them forgiveness of sins as a free GIFT to genuinely, and humbly, accept.
So, yes, ‘belief in JESUS’ is absolutely essential for becoming a christian, but if i had to present ‘christian conversion’ in ‘simplified terms’, then i would define it this way:
belief in JESUS + Godly sorrow + tears + a sinner’s prayer = a true born~again christian child~of~GOD.
So, what this says is that for a true christian conversion to happen, when asking JESUS for forgiveness of their sins, is that tears and remorse MUST be evident regarding their sin; and from this, it gets expressed in words in the form of a ‘sinner’s prayer’.
When you accept JESUS, this right way, then this act is then instantly answered by THE HOLY SPIRIT; WHO washes your spirit with HIS BLOOD.  This instantaneous moment is the moment of change. This is the moment of becoming
‘born~again’. The change IS the instant moment of becoming ‘born~again’.
It is also referred to in SCRIPTURE by a number of terms;.. here are some of the main ones~:

‘cleansed’; ’quickened’; ‘transformed’; ‘baptized’; ‘new creation’; ‘new man’; ‘washed’.
The 'sinner’s prayer' requires one to confess a prayer with your mouth, out~ loud, wherever you are,.. [come as you are…].   All JESUS wants is your heart with sorrow for your sins, but tears of appreciation for what THE LORD has provided you with  ETERNAL life!....

 How to receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, to be
        Forgiven of ALL your sins [past, present, and furture],
          and be given ETERNAL life in HEAVEN:
 'Dear Lord Jesus, oh, Please forgive me of all my sins..
 please have Mercy on me..i do believe that you are The Lord,

 and i do believe that You raised Yourself from the grave..
 i do believe that You Love me So much that You were willing
 to die for me on The CROSS, in my place. Please Wash me
 with Your Blood! Thank You So much, Lord. Help me to
 love You  with all my soul, heart, mind and strength, Lord.
 Help me to also serve You, Lord, faithfully. Help me so that
 people can see You in me. Thank You, Jesus. In Your 
 precious Blood and Name, amen'.

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